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Birchwood Village, MN 55110
United States

We make guitar pedals and audio effects in a house in the woods. Each unit is adorned with unique artwork and hand-wired with love.


Jake Stein


Best thing about doing pedal art

The three dimensions. It’s pretty gnarly to try and wrap your art around the whole pedal.

Materials I use

Anything that's around. Reflective tape. Stuff that’s in the garbage. Tin foil. Whatever paint that’s around.

Musician I wished played my pedals

I mean it would be cool to see Tom Petty play them. But it’s fun to see people you know, your friends, playing your pedals.

Favorite EAR pedal line

I like all the ones Tyler doesthe Rude Men.

Other art I do

I do skateboards. Baby Skateboards.


Jake's Pedals