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Birchwood Village, MN 55110
United States

We make guitar pedals and audio effects in a house in the woods. Each unit is adorned with unique artwork and hand-wired with love.


Mary Schaubschlager

"Music is like a family tradition as a race. Everyone has roots in music no matter how much they listen to it or feel passionately about it."


Best thing about doing pedal art

The size is a really fun limitationthe ambition you put into such a small piece.

Materials I use

I always start in pencil. I like India ink if you’re doing something really graphic.

Favorite EAR pedal line

I really like Tyler’s Rude Man.

Musician I wished played my pedals

Dan Auerbach

Other art I do

I do a lot of printmaking at Highpoint Center for Printmaking. At home, I do a lot of cartooning. I want to continue to do more illustrative work. The cartoons I watched as a kid really inspired me.

Art helps me explore myself, other people, and the world. It’s a way to grow, and share, and connect, and piss away a lot of time doing cool stuff.

Mary's Pedals