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Birchwood Village, MN 55110
United States

We make guitar pedals and audio effects in a house in the woods. Each unit is adorned with unique artwork and hand-wired with love.


Rude Man Treble Booster

The Rude Man treble booster is our take on the class Dallas Rangemaster. He demands your attention and isn't afraid to step on anyone's toes. One knob, two switches, lots of tone.

The Story of the Rude Man

The Dallas Rangemaster was one of the first effects used on an electric guitar. It takes advantage of the OC44 germanium transistor to boost the treble and, when played through a tube amp, sends guitar into screaming leads.

Our take on this classic is the Rude Man. Traditionally the OC44 effects are positive ground, but for your convenience we’ve included a voltage inverter so you can power your pedal with a standard -9v power supply.


Knob: Clockwise, more gain.

Switch: Kicks between a pure treble boost and a mid range boost


Meet the Artist

Tyler Green is the artist behind the Rude Man. Each pedal boasts a unique rendition of the Rude Man's grouchy, boorish character.


Hear the Rude Man

Watch our short demo video to hear to Rude Man in action.


Get Your Own

Tyler Green paints all Rude Men by hand. Each unit is a total one of a kind. Get your own for $120.