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Birchwood Village, MN 55110
United States

We make guitar pedals and audio effects in a house in the woods. Each unit is adorned with unique artwork and hand-wired with love.


Samual Weinberg

"Music makes people happy and takes people out of their daily routine. It’s a good feeling to get lost for a little bit and escape."


Best thing about doing pedal art

They’d be blank if no one did the art. It’s a good reflection of what’s happening in the pedal. It can be described visually. It’s something to look at. It makes people feel more connected to their pedals.

Materials I use

I use mostly mistinted house paint. On some of them I’ll add collage elements like old newspaper pictures or stickers. I also do some taxidermy on the pedals. It’s fake, but it looks pretty good.

Favorite EAR pedal line

I like Tyler’s Rude Men. His characters are great.

Other art I do

I make large scale narrative paintings that are ambiguous or enigmatic. They represent the search for knowledge—man’s search in general, and women. Dealing with human struggles that hopefully are universal.

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Art is not a fun thing most of the time. That’s part of the reason why it’s so important. You sort through all of the stuff you’re thinking about and learning about. And then you make something that might shed some light on the world for yourself and other people.

Sam's Pedals