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Birchwood Village, MN 55110
United States

We make guitar pedals and audio effects in a house in the woods. Each unit is adorned with unique artwork and hand-wired with love.


The Ghost Delay Pedals

The Ghost is a lo-fi creepy, sludgy mess of a delay. Don’t be deceived by its small size. Its hauntingly musical echo could fill the halls of a cavernous cathedral.

The Story of the Ghosts


Ghosts I and II give you a range of eerie, oscillating repeats in a small box.

The echo and dwell controls are interactive. With dwell at zero and echo at max, you get clean repeats that are ideal for slap back. Keeping echo at zero and turning the dwell up sends filtered repeats continuously back to the input of the circuit. After the dwell knob exceeds the midpoint, the delay cascades into a cacophony of oscillating madness. With dwell and time both set at their midpoints, you’ll get ambient and dark repeats.

It’s possible to achieve nearly infinite, non-oscillating repeats at roughly the midpoints of the dwell and echo controls. Setting the dwell beyond the midpoint brings in the typical runaway oscillation of other delays. Mix the controls to produce a decent range of interactive tone shaping on the repeats.

The Ghost II differs from the original Ghost in that it is in a slightly larger enclosure but with some added benefits. We’ve added a momentary slam switch that sends the Ghost II screaming into the netherworld. But if the dwell and echo controls are dialed in just right the oscillation will fade in more slowly giving an eerie effect to the ends of songs, or dramatic pauses.

Some models will include a toggle switch that will switch between the standard darker delays of the original ghost and a new brighter echo that will cut through the mix a bit better 


Time: Sets the delay time up to 500-600ms

Echo: Sends a single, minimally filtered repeat into the output mixer

Dwell: Sends heavily filtered repeats to the input mixing stage

Momentary Switch (Ghost II) : The stomp switch on the left maximizes the dwell knob sending the delay into oscillation.

Toggle Switch (Ghost II, on some models) : Flip the switch up for brighter sounding delays and down for moody, dark delays.


Hear the Ghost

Watch a short video clip to hear the haunting echo of The Ghost. A video comparing ghost and ghost II will be coming soon.


Get Your Own

All pedals are hand painted by our artists. Each unit is a total one of a kind. Get your own for $140-160.